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The Power Of Dumb - Connecting With Your Inner Stupidity

Chapter 6 - Portrait Of A Dummy

    A person who lives in a state of unity with the power of dumb doesn't necessarily look any different from ordinary intelligent folks. Oh sure, sometimes they wear trash bags as hats or small mammals as shoes, but when it comes to the power of dumb, actions speak louder than fashion. Spend a few moments in conversation with these people who are connected to the power of dumb and see how unique they are.
    These people whom I call "dummies" (to signify their solid connection with the power of dumb), are individuals who have made themselves available for blissful unawareness. It is impossible to get them to speak in complete sentences about what they desire in their lives. They don't say, "By examining all sides of a situation, I will come to an intelligent and rational conclusion." Instead, you are more likely to hear something like "Doris, get me a bandaid, I think my toes are drowning". No matter how you might attempt to dissuade them by pointing out all the reasons why their dumbness should be curtailed, they seem cheerfully  blind to common sense. It's as if they are in a different world, a world in which they can't listen to reason because pigeons have layed eggs in their ear canals.
    Dummies won't attempt to win you over to their point of view with debates. They know better than to use up a lot of energy  arguing when there is so much house paint in the world left to eat. Dummies will attempt to describe themselves as living in a state of confusion and chaotic apathy. You are unlikely to hear them complain about anything. If it rains, they will search for a puddle to bathe in. In the warm light of the sun, they will cover themselves with chocolate sauce and roll repeatedly over an anthill.
    As you observe these dummies you will note that they don't dwell on illness and disease. Pimples are considered beauty marks and the nauseating odor of bad breath is equated to the robust aroma of some strong and expensive cheese.
    I urge you follow in their  footprints and rejoice in the infinite power of dumb. As Plato once said "I know not why the wolves howl or the armpit itches, and because of this I am glad."



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